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About Us

Infinity8 Wholesale foods provide the industry with all things food related. From bulk ingredients and

common brands to gourmet, high end finished products.


We a distributors for:

SAINT DAVID DAIRY, a boutique dairy providing milk, cultured butter, yoghurts and cream.

PROM COAST ICE CREAM & SORBET, small batch ice cream company offering that touch of decadence and class.


GREAT TEMPTATIONS, sweets, cakes, brownies, muffins and the famous MUFNUTZ (Muffin crossed with a jam doughnut)

CONSCIOUS CHICKS, truly the most amazing free range natural egg farm, providing delicious, incredible quality eggs

CRAFTY CHOOKS, supplying the industry with hand crumbed chicken schnitzel, Kiev's and chicken skewers at incredibly affordable rates. 

TJ'S AMERICAN BARBECUE, authentic BBQ flavors, low and slow succulent meats, Cornbread, Mac 'N' Cheese and Southern Fried Chicken.

Comes with instruction for you to heat and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

TRIPLE SEVEN ECCENTRIC FOODS, unique flavor combinations and gourmet condiments, providing that bit of flare and spunk to the repertoire


PAC TRADING, environmentally sustainable food packaging and plant based single use plastics, good for you and good for the environment


O.C.D CLEANING PRODUCTS, our own range of cleaning products and sanitizers, bound to impress with both budget and quality  

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