At Infinity8 Wholesale Foods we are strongly driven by sustainability and are always looking for new ways to become more sustainable, to lighten the heavy burden that the current food production, distribution and packaging systems have on our planet.

Infinity8 is taking a unique approach by transforming the industry from the inside out. While leveraging our position in the economy as a food distribution service, infinity8 is able to have an influence on food manufacturing, retail/hospitality and the end consumer simultaneously.

While still offering animal products, this enables us a unique opportunity to more easily reach and influence the parts of the food system that are being left behind in the evolution of our food system, by encouraging our customers who are still heavily involved with meat and dairy to opt for more sustainable plant based alternatives.

At infinity8 we envision a future where profit and success does not have to place such a heavy burden our planets natural resources and we strive to create a world that we can all be proud to leave behind for our children and all future generations.


Joel Courtidis

Sustainable Brands Development Manager

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